Habit tracking for iOS and watchOS

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Depending on the type of habit you're looking to track, we've broken them down into two different types, active and passive.

Active Habits

Set yourself a daily or weekly goal and actively check-in to maintain your progress and build streaks.

Passive Habits

Set yourself a passive goal to track your progress over time and reset when you break your streak to start again.

Challenge yourself, stay motivated

Keep track of your progress and review your activity, set yourself reminders to keep on track

Review your activity

Browse through your activity, filter by habit and see your progress from month to month.

Visualise your check-ins

See your weekly and monthly progress at glance, keep pushing to meet your goal.

Give yourself a nudge

Set yourself reminders to check-in on your habits and see how you’re doing.

Log your mood, keep a diary

When you hit a goal or find yourself breaking your streak, log your mood and add notes to remember what worked or what you'll change next time.

Supports watchOS

Check-in and reset your habits and log your mood while on the go, you can even add the habitude complication for quick access.